All Boukan Guinguette associates are former NGOs volunteers who worked for a long time in Haiti. They decided to invest themselves fully in local development of Mole Saint Nicolas, in order to experiment a transparent, equitable and viable private sector.

The ecotouristic business aims for:

  • Promoting economic and human exchanges by offering services that didn't exist before, in the respect of social and natural regional environment.
  • Not substituting itself to existing offers of services but at the opposite serve as a relay to guide visitors towards Mole professionals.
  • Working in co-operation with the town Council and Development Board in order to allow execution of public interest projects with investments coming, for a part, from benefits of Boukan Guinguette and local taxes generated by touristic business.
  • Promoting the historical site of Vallières according to the recommendations of ISPAN (National Inheritage Patrimony Institute).
  • Managing an ecotouristic activity which enhance local products in respect of the environment (waste management, renewable energy, taking care of the fauna and flora, agriculture for the restaurant).
  • Creating more direct and indirect jobs for Môle's inhabitants. Boukan Guinguette now employs around 20 people and supplies itself to more than a hundred fishermen, breeders, local producers and merchants.

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