Your feet in the sand, in front of the bay, you'll be able to taste local specialties and cocktails.

Come to marvel your taste buds with gastronomic inheritage of yesteryear buccaneers, and a French touch of the Chef.

Here culinary pleasures are founded on the "home made", use of local products, artistic presentation and simplicity.

"Eat eco-responsible !"

In Boukan Guinguette we do not use "bwat-manje" (plastic meal boxes), we serve home-treated drinkable water in order to diminish plastic wastes, we respect fishing seasons and sizes. And the most important, we only use the best and freshest local products.

Take a look to the menu ...

N.B.: The bar offers a large choice of wines and liquors. Whatever for a special event or a vintage you can come with your own bottle and just pay to open it.