Since december 2009... Step by step, many changes in Boukan Guinguette.
Even if, until now, our financial results are limited, we managed to realize a few community projects. More than $35 000 have already been mobilized for various actions out of the direct hotel business and participating in the development of the township of Môle.

  • Participation in building an approach ramp to the beach of Raisinier – November 2012

    It was an initiativ of ADEMA and the town council, we were able to give a little help through handworkers.

  • Reconstruction of the retaining wall bordering the beach – December 2012 to November 2017

    This wall, which was built by the French at the end of the 18th century, is part of the historical site of the "Batterie de Vallière". It has been restored by Walkie Busenius in the late 90's. Since 2010, we already renovated it twice as a "dry wall" (without masonry). The hurricane Sandy, november 2012, destroied all the wall. Huricane Matthew, september 2016 and Irma, september 2017, have shown us that there was still a need to solidify, and in some places, to rethink the building.
    The new work, started in 2012, is different : modification of a part of the initial draw, light masonry inside the wall and in the foundations, increase of the batter for a better resistance and a canal of evacuation for rain waters and entering waves.
    Boukan also put a water pipeline so the fishermen coming from Presqu'île and Cap à Foux can directly full their gallons aboard their ship.
    Boukan Guinguette invest more than $12 000 in restoring this wall ans also thanks to the help of Les Femmes du Christ (Milot Joseph) who offered us 10 trucks of rocks.
    A work that today already show us the positive results. Indeed, the reziye - "Sea Grapes" - these trees which raise a cordon overlooking the beach of the same name, remain proudly erected while they have almost disappeared from the public part of the beach under the combined action of hurricanes and irresponsible persons.

  • Installing anchorage - 2013 & 2014

    Boukan Guinguette managed to transform the bay of Môle as a great mooring with two anchorages. ADEMA et the town council followed with three others, making it easier for sailers

  • Sponsor of "rap kreyol" groups from Môle – 2010 to 2015

    GPM, Secteur7, Konfyans Click et Djege Popilè, all these artists were supported by Boukan Guinguette in their records and concerts

  • Creation of the first Kiteschool in Haïti - 2014 et 2015

    A dream started by Quentin, the first kiter who sailed in the bay with his Kitesurf; he was followed by others. Today the utopy turned into a reality, thanks to the purchase of equipment and to the presence of Fritz, our experienced instructor.

    And since May 2016, strong>CORE Kites Canada helps kitesurf devlopment in Haïti and young Môle's riders free training as Boukan Guinguette kiteschool exclusive partner !

  • Partner of the first Surf Festival in Haïti - may 2016

    This event, which aims to promote water sports and eco-friendly behaviors in Haiti, took place in Jacmel, on the beach of Kabik, thanks to the work of our friends of Surf Haïti associationandHaïti Surf Guesthouse
    Boukan Guinguette was able to support the initiative by offering prizes during the competition (kitesurfing lessons and free accommodation in Môle) and going there to promote kitesurfing.

  • Rehabilitation of road section between Savanne Môle and the town of Môle - 2016 and 2017

    With the help of Infr-Ha, Boukan was able to mobilize $ 4800 to participate in the earthwork of more than 5 km of road by supporting the "comité de Solidarité des Citoyens pour la réparation des Routes du Môle Saint Nicolas" -SCRM. This group works regularly on the communal roads of the commune.

  • Promotion of hiking and cycling in the Môle - Since 2017

    This long-term work includes the beaconing and the maintenance of hiking trails, but also the cleaning of historical monuments covered by the vegetation. It is shaped by the realization and the regular updating of a written guide for visitors and Môle's inhabitants.