• Boukan Guinguette

    Bungalow - Bar - Restaurant - Kitesurf
  • Boukan Guinguette

    Môle Saint Nicolas
  • Kitesurf

  • Môle Saint Nicolas

  • Caraïbe

    Môle St Nicolas - Haïti
  • Boukan Guinguette

    Môle St Nicolas
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Contact et Réservation

Turquoise of Caribbean Sea and white sand... Some will say "a classic of its kind" or "déjà vu".

In a region charged with history, let yourself be surprised by a different approach of ecological tourism showing great solidarity.

Take aboard to Boukan Guinguette and live a human and culturalunprecedented experience in total simplicity.

Mole Saint Nicolas - Haiti

Boukan Guinguette - Bungalow - Restaurant - Bar - KiteSurf

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    Inspired by traditional architecture of Mole's region, our bungalows combine preservation of the natural beauty of the site, comfort and

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    Kitesurf in Haiti and more specifically in Môle Saint Nicolas is no longer a dream or an anecdote ... but a

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    Most of the people sees the site of Raisinier as one of the more beautiful beaches of the country.

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